Full specifications


Standard Microscope


8kHz resonant scanner and one galvo

Standard objectives including large class

8kHz resonant raster scanning with selectable lines per frame, 512 lines @ 30Hz bidirectional.  Computer optimized optics.  1x, 2x, and 4x magnification scan settings.  1mm FOV with 16X 0.8NA

Filling and optimization for large back aperture objectives

400um Z-scanning @ 10Hz with electrically tunable lens

Cambridge Technology CRS8 8KHz resonant scanning mirror with driver board

Cambridge Technology 6215H galvanometer scanning mirror with servo driver board  

Full 2 inch collection optics, computer optimized scanning and detection optics for excitation and scattered light detection



4kHz resonant scanner, two galvos

Interchangeable 4mm 0.6NA and 10mm 0.5NA FOV objectives.

Dispersion compensation included

> 1mm Z-scanning @ 10Hz with electrically tunable lens

Highly optimized path for 450-1300nm, covering collection and diffraction limited excitation



100mm XYZ translation in moveable microscope configuration

300mm coarse Z adjustment, locking translation rail and gas spring microscope support.

Motorized objective lens rotation integrated, +/- 60 degrees, 360 degrees with manual adjustment

Motion control electronics and Knobby rotary control surface     

2 GaAsP detection channels standard, up to 4 possible.

Camera/PMT port switch including epifluorescence and integrated camera

Modular and upgradeable, integrated eye and treadmill tracking

Dell acquisition computer, server grade with Windows 7/10 and remote support

Femto amplifiers

ATS9440-003 14 bit, 125MS/s, 4ch. 8-lane PCIe digitizer

Behavior monitoring including Dalsa M1280 CCD pupil camera and Dalsa M640 CCD treadmill camera and optics

Optotune and SLM compatible bracket and scanbox mechanical components, Optotune electrically tunable lens integration

Electronics include 1U rack-mountable motion controller, and microscope mounted electronics enclosure

785nm LWP, 562nm LWP, 510/84 bandpass, 607/70 bandpass, 750 SWP            

Table optics included for coupling laser and microscope

Allied Vision 1" GigE Vision port camera

Conoptics Pockels Cell including 302RM driver and model 350-80-LA EO modulator           

Laser shutter unit

Epifluorescence port camera path integrating 470nm or broadband LED and swappable filter cubes




Laser and pockels cell (power) control

PMT gain and camera path switch control

Motion control and hardware usb control surface (Neurolabware ‘Knobby’)

Matlab environment, plugin system and extendable

API for remote microscope and software control

Stream data across applications with memory mapped files


Included data analysis pipeline

Online analysis via GPU, including image stabilization, aided segmentation and live ROI traces

Trigger input and output, hardware or software, and via network (UDP)

Frame synchronous eye and treadmill tracking, and behavior synchronization input TTL bits per pixel and per frame, logged with acquisition metadata

All features documented at



Computer and monitor, 110/220V

Laser connection (USB), Knobby (USB), Motion control (USB, 110/220V @ 1A fused) and ScanBox electronics (USB, 110/220V @ 1A fused)

For behavior cameras, port camera, 110/220V to 12V adapter, GigE gigabit ethernet

Pockels cell driver, 110 or 220V jumper configured

Laser shutter, epifluorescence LED driver, 110/220V DC adapters


Laser signal amplifier, configured as necessary at installation

Installation and Technical Support

Manual and documentation available at and

Email and facetime support, TeamViewer remote login support

Service visits when necessary

On-site installation and training


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