Bi-directional 30Hz scanning

True 30Hz scanning with accurate, real time line alignment.  In other systems, they make you use post-processing software to flip all of the lines in the image generated during mirror flyback.  Not ours. We take care of this in real time. 


Track running and pupil diameter

Its clear that neural activity is impacted by behavioral state.  We have already integrated the imaging hardware and software needed to record and analyze running speed and pupil diameter.  Of course, these data are all precisely time stamped.  


Meet Knobby

Knobby is a four-axis rotary motion control surface with touch screen display for hands free control of motion in a format familiar to electrophysiologists.

Fast Z-Scanning 

Image a volume, or, in preparations where brain pulsation is large (carnivores and primates, for example), use fast Z-scanning to compensate for radial motion.  View multiple planes of data in real


All time stamps handled on the same clock

TTL events are time-stamped by the card by assigning them the (frame,line) pair at which they occurred.  TTL lines can be programmed to detect rising/falling edges or both. These data are saved along with the entire state of the microscope (including position, gains of PMTs, laser wavelength, etc) in a Matlab file.

Real time motion stabilization

Real time image stabilization, even during running, eliminates motion artifact in your live signal readout.  This makes closed loop experiments work that much better.


Online analysis

Track the activity of dozens of neurons in real time.  Use this information to control stimulus generation and presentation in real time.  Use these signals to generate 1p or 2p optogenetic stimulation signals or trigger behavior.

Hackable, compatible, extendable

Use Matlab, Python, or general memory mapped file data exchange to control ScanBox or exchange signals.  Pipe your data over the network or to a cluster.  Full set of software, network, and hardware triggering and I/O. Use the Matlab plugin system to develop your own visualization tools.

And much more...

We maintain an active blog that keeps users up to date on the latest advances in our software and hardware.  Its a great place to learn about the platform and to post questions.  And, of course, we are always happy to take an email from you with any questions.