We come to your lab, unpack, assemble, align, test, re-test, and verify every single component and signal before signing off on your microscope.  If you have a mouse ready, we will even run an experiment, collect some data, and show you how to align the images, find your cells, pull out the signals, and quantify your data.  We are active scientists using this same microscope every day in our own labs.  We live for this stuff.  


Run into a problem after we leave?  No problem at all.  We install TeamViewer software on your computer, which lets us remotely log in.  Is Matlab throwing some error messages?  We can see them on your screen and actually fix the code in real time!  Do your images seem dimmer than usual?  No worries!  If you have a phone with a wifi connection and a camera, we will gladly video chat and find the problem in any part of the optical path.  Maybe its the electronics?  If so, we'll figure that out fast!  How?  We design and build every aspect of your scope.  We've seen every conceivable problem and know how to solve them.