We design the most sophisticated optics, mechanics, and software to create one microscope built for the sole purpose of in vivo brain imaging with unrivaled signal detection.   Real time processing and parallelization of data flow are achieved using the latest advances in Programmable System-on-Chip and GPU-CPU frameworks.

Importantly, we also run our own laboratories.  We know that all of this technology isn't worth much if students and postdocs cannot use it.  That's why we make everything user friendly and we provide a host of powerful analytical tools and live consultation to get even first year students up and running fast.  


The only system optimized from first principles.  Get the basic system, we'll install it all and customize it to your needs.


We've added 3D-2P optogenetics, rapid Z-scanning, and custom wide FOV objectives for the next decade of experiments.


Intuitive to use, open, extendable, with a host of analytical tools built in. 


We build it.  We support it.  Stay current with hardware and software updates.