Unpacking and Installation

In order to install the microscope you will need some basic lab tools, a laser, optical table, laser power meter, safety glasses, table laser shields, and so forth.  Some recommendations:

You should have received the following components:

  • Aluminum extrusions (3)
  • Translation stages (3)
  • Microscope body and optics, including custom 2" filter sets
  • Microscope detection unit, perhaps including epifluorescence imaging option
  • Acquisition computer and digitizer
  • Perhaps eye/pupil and disk/ball tracking cameras and accessories
  • PMT amplifiers and power supplies
  • Pockels cell and amplifier
  • Table Shutter unit
  • Table optics, potentially including steering mirrors, kinematic mounts, posts and post bases, polarization optics

You may unpack the above items carefully.